Birth to 5 years

The Children’s Collective, Inc. provides high quality, comprehensive child development services to low income children and families in South Los Angeles. The Early Education program serves more than 1200 children in this age group each year and more than 1800 parents and guardians.

Program services are provided at nine licensed facilities.

All children learn age appropriate cognitive and behavioral skills and kindergarten readiness in a safe, nurturing, enriched environment. The program encourages productive social interaction and self-regulation for children of all ages.

Full day program services allow parents to work, seek work or attend school while children are cared for and engage in early education. Part-day programs provide the lowest income parents and children with respite for a portion of the day and enhance children’s early learning opportunities.

Children are served healthy, tasty food prepared by The Children’s Collective, Inc.’s Food Service Department. Meals include breakfast, lunch and/or snack. The Food Service Department serves more than a quarter million meals each year and most are free.

Psychosocial Assessments are provided for children with developmental delays or behavioral challenges, followed by interventions with parents, teachers and children to enhance their early learning.

Parents are an active, integral part of their children’s education and volunteer in children’s activities, attend workshops on topics of interest, and have access to resources and referrals to promote family well-being.