Early Intervention & Prevention

The Family Support Center (FSC) helps strengthen the family unit by referring troubled children, youth and adults to contracted clinical services at the Coalition of Mental Health Professionals.

  • Clinical services are also provided by supervised doctoral-level psychology externs and interns from local universities.
  • Psychological services are supported by clinical case-management provided by Family Advocates on the staff of the FSC.
  • Focusing on healthy social and emotional development of preschoolers, the Child Development Department also provides psychological services to children enrolled in its programs.
  • The Ready Set Grow program provides psychosocial and developmental assessments of preschoolers to identify moderate developmental delays and potential behavior problems. It then provides behavioral interventions, including play therapy, to promote healthy development.
  • Weekly, the Clinical Supervisor trains Child Development staff to identify and address children’s behavior which reflects childhood stress and trauma.
  • Classroom teachers refer preschoolers to the Clinical Supervisor for assessment and screening. Based on the child’s needs, s/he may participate in Socialization Groups or individual therapy.