Tutoring Assistance

Tutoring is provided by the Family Source Center and Rita Walters Learning Complex. This type of educational support improves basic skills and subject matter comprehension as well as increases confidence in academic abilities and test-taking, all of which boost achievement. The FSC targets middle school youth in its After School Program, while Rita Walters Learning Complex tutors underachieving primary school children.

The Children’s Collective, Inc. partners with EdBoost Education Corporation to provide tutoring. Their standards-aligned academic program’s major focus is Math and Language Development. Youth participate in tutoring at least two times per week to work on specific skills that have been identified as needing improvement. Through individual assessments, test results pinpoint the skills they need to work on. Youth are provided with skill-specific packets in their area of need, giving them the opportunity to begin learning at their current level and work their way upwards, mastering skills of increasing difficulty step-by-step. Tutors provide the practice materials and provide instruction to help the youth work on the areas where they need improvement and encourage practice outside of tutoring. Youth are reassessed to measure the change in knowledge for the specific subject after several tutoring sessions. Participants typically experience improved grades in reading and math and overall grade point average, improved school attendance, and increased confidence.